The highs weren’t too high and the lows weren’t too low amid reggae veteran Sugar Minott’s hour and a half set before a stuffed house at the Music Machine on Friday. Minott’s accentuation on adoration tunes and practical sections appears to be lightweight contrasted with reggae’s first wave, yet his songwriting abilities and craftsmanship are significant measured against the as of now well known DJ style. Friday’s execution was vintage, group satisfying Minott- – varieties of more seasoned hits Read more […]


In the event that anybody or anything could utilize a little love right about now, its bitcoin. Poor people, ambushed virtual cash has had a difficult time of it of late. There was the breakdown of Mt. Gox, once the biggest bitcoin trade, and the departure of a couple of hundred million dollars worth of bitcoin. There were charges of IRS evasion identified with another bitcoin trade. What’s more, obviously, a week ago, there was the Newsweek story that could possibly have revealed the personality Read more […]


It was one of those evenings after the downpour, when the night slept in a stillness that throws spells. There wasn’t even a breeze. You know the sort of night I’m discussing. There’s a non-abrasiveness to it that waits on the memory like scent in a lady’s hair, taking you back to different spots and different times. It’s the ideal night for an adoration tune. I understand this sort of marvelous demeanor toward music most likely dates me, in light of the fact that there’s no clamor to the tunes Read more […]